End Of The Season Cleaning Services

End Of The Season Cleaning Services

What is end of Season Cleaning?

A post season cleaning will prepare your home for winter use or winter showings.

End of Season Cleaning Includes:

Bathrooms: clean and deodorize toilet (clean inside and out of toilet and around the base), clean sinks, clean showers and/or tubs (remove any residue sand), clean mirrors, and scrub floor.

Kitchen: Clean all countertops and any appliances on countertops, inside and outside of cabinets, stove top, clean inside and behind refrigerator, clean sink, and scrub floor.

Dust flat surfaces for example (tables, night stands, and dressers).

Clean all ceiling fans.

Check under all beds for debris.

Vacuum under sofa cushions.

Vacuum floor including moving all furniture to get under and behind.

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